The Cursed Among Us – by John Durgin

What horror trope scares you more than any other? My answer is books about the occult, demons, possession—in short, this book. Being raised Catholic, I learned at a very young age you just don’t go messing around with demons or anything that could invite them into your life.

In the small quiet town of Newport, New Hampshire, some never seemed to have learned this lesson. Evil is on the loose in Newport. The entire town is at risk and it’s up to a small band of high school friends to save it.

The characters in The Cursed Among Us are so well written. I adored all the main characters. They each had their own inner struggle besides the primary evil of the story. This led to tough decisions for the boys along the story arc. Do they tell the adults what’s going on or not? And there’s also that age-old question: will the adults even listen to them if they tried to tell? We’re even given a glimpse into the backstory of some of the supporting characters. It added more humanity to the story. I found that refreshing for a blood-soaked horror story.

The story was intense throughout. I kept turning pages to see what was going to happen next, despite the scenes that left me trying to read between my fingers as I covered my eyes because of fear or gore. This was a fun and nostalgic read for me. I give it all the stars (five of them) and can’t wait to read my next Durgin book!

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