Scratched – by Matt Micheli

I was first introduced to Matt Micheli’s writing when I read [book:The White|75446465] as an ARC. I was so impressed by the story, I ordered a signed copy and then jumped at the chance to read Scratched. Just look at that cover art! Tell me it doesn’t make you wonder what lies within its pages!

In Scratched we find the small town of Brawlton is becoming gentrified. Not in the way you would assume. Lower class isn’t being forced out to make room for upper-middle class occupants. Instead the average middle class farmers, laborers, and shop keepers of this small town are being forced out by the rich and famous of LA. (In my opinion that is only the first horror of this story!)

Something else is creeping around the wooded surroundings of Brawlton. This invader is brutal and has a hunger for the loneliest of hearts who are taking over the town. Hang onto your martinis! This is a fast moving story that is guaranteed to make you want to grab a skinny latte with sugar free, fat free, preservative free, pasture raised everything while you read! The characters are paper thin and fake as can be. But wait! That’s a character flaw in the characters themselves, not the writing. Try as I might, I couldn’t make myself hate all of them. Now that is a sign of excellent writing.

Pick up a copy today – it’s out now! I give Scratched 4 out of 5 razor sharp stars. And I can’t wait for Micheli’s next release, promised in June of 2023.

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