Picasso’s War – by Hugh Eakin

I’ll keep this review short. If you have an interest in 20th Century art or artists, Picasso’s War by Hugh Eakin is amazing. It’s full of rich history about the post modern art movements and how the art and the artists were received around the world.

Obviously, from the title, the main focus is Picasso and the attempts by the artist, his financial backers, and his dealers to get his art accepted and shown in the United States. It took a world war to make that happen!

The book also gives a detailed history of New York’s Museum of Modern Art and its struggles getting started throughout the same time period.

Ok, I said I was going to keep this short. I guess I had a bit more to say than I realized! In conclusion, I am happy to give Picasso’s War 4 out of 5 stars. It takes some good writing to keep me fully engaged in a 400-plus page nonfiction book. This one did that and more!

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