Bone White – by Ronald Malfi

I picked a great book to kick off 2023! There was no messing around with this book. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning and it had my full attention until the very end.

Bone White is my first read by Ronald Malfi. I picked it up on a whim simply because the synopsis looked interesting and then it sat on my shelf for a few years while other shiny objects caught my attention. What a shame!

The scene opens in the tiny Alaskan community of Dread’s Hand, where a man wanders into a diner claiming to have killed and buried a number of people. He’s been in the foothills for years and looks as if he could be insane. Meanwhile, Paul Gallo’s twin brother, Danny, has been missing for a year. Danny’s last known location was – you guessed it – Dread’s Hand, Alaska. Paul travels to Alaska to investigate to see if he can uncover what happened to Danny.

And that’s all the backstory I’m giving because the plot twists and turns with supernatural elements. It keeps you guessing is this actually what’s happening, or is there another explanation? It’s the perfect blend of a mystery-thriller and horror. And I loved every last word.

I also loved Malfi’s prose. His words painted dark images of the scenes and characters in my mind, bringing it all to life like a beautiful dark folk painting. Bone White came fully alive as I read it.

I can’t end this review without pointing out some of the themes you’ll find within the pages. This book is rich with themes of family and responsibility; sibling love; and that age old battle of good vs evil.

Some trigger warnings to look out for: drugs and alcohol use, violence, suicide. It isn’t a light read by any means. I’m left with a heavy book hangover after finishing Bone White and I’m looking forward to my next Ronald Malfi read! Any suggestions of ones you particularly enjoyed would gladly be accepted! If there’s any doubt, I’m confirming that Bone White gets five icy stars out of five from this reader!

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