The Fear of Winter – by S.C. Sterling

I managed to sneak in one more book before the new year!

The Fear of Winter by S.C. Sterling is a thriller set in the mountains of Colorado near Denver. Tom Floyd’s daughter, Megan has been missing and the case has gone cold. He hires a private investigator, Marshall York and his assistant, Hannah Jacobs to see if they can dig up any new leads.

This is a very quick read. As the story progresses, the action picks up and never slows down. Each character has their own personal backstory and struggles to deal with as well. If you like strong female characters, you’ll find them in this book!

The only thing that kept me from giving five stars is how quickly the story line jumped from one character’s perspective to another. I was able to adjust, but it left me confused at the beginning. I had to backtrack a few times to remind myself which character was which. But other than that, I really can’t say enough great things about The Fear of Winter. It’s everything I expect out of a thriller. This is the first book of a series, and I can’t wait to see what follows. I gladly give The Fear of Winter four bone chilling stars out of five.

A few trigger warnings to mention: violence toward women; self harm; suicide.

I was given the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. All views expressed in this review are completely my own.

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