The Dunnie – by Keith Thomas

The Dunnie by Keith Thomas is a book I intended to read and review much closer to Halloween (which was also its publication date). Unfortunately, I got sidetracked with life and a few other books I absolutely wanted to read. As usual, so many books, so little time. But now that I’ve finally read it, I have nothing but praise for this novella!

The Dunnie is a very quick read, packed full of things that make a horror book great: suspense, gore, creepy creatures, mysterious characters, and yes – even a disturbing cover that draws you right into the pages of the book! The story centers around a family with a history of abuse (trigger warning here). Young Asher has been troubled and his mom thinks some time with his grandfather will do him some good. They make a trip to the small town where strange and disturbing events start happening as soon as Asher steps foot outside of the car.

The pace of the book was great. I didn’t experience a slow moment at all. The characters were developed well enough for me to care about what happened to them. And here’s something that is annoying when it’s glossed over – the monster was well explained – its origin, the way it looks and moves, etc. And it was plenty creepy!

There were a few things I wish were elaborated upon a little further. If they had been, this might have been a full novel rather than a novella. I won’t go into them here because it will spoil some of the story. But that little bit extra in the story could have taken my rating from four stars to five.

There’s a promise of more stories along this theme in the future. I’m keeping Keith Thomas on my radar so I can read them as soon as they’re available – I enjoyed this book that much! Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Night Platform Book Company, for the electronic review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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