B&B – by Amy Cross

Amy Cross writes a lot of books. Some are good. Some are … not.

B&B started out really strong! The lead character was strong and seemed to have an interesting backstory that I wanted to know more about. The setting was intriguing. A snowstorm, a strange bed and breakfast with an even stranger caretaker and fellow guests, and tales of a crazed murderer on the loose who only kills during snowstorms.

Great setup, right? From here the story takes a sideways turn and it completely lost my interest. Such a pity because there was so much potential. The story itself was still good. The storytelling was not. See the opening paragraph of this review. Getting repetitive? Yeah, that’s what I said multiple times as I read this book. “Does this need to be so repetitive?”

In closing, this was a decent story that could have been so much better. Maybe my next Amy Cross read will be better! There’s always next time because … see the opening paragraph of this review.

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